Hose & Pipes


Hose Specifications:

 Air Tightness no leakage at 3.5MPA no leakage at 1.1MPA
 Pressure Resistance no damage at 5.3MPA no damage at 1.7MPA
 Breaking Pressure no damage at 8.8MPA no damage at 2.2MPA
 Repetition Pressure no leakage at  no leakage at
  0-3.5MPA @ 500,00 times 0-1.1MPA @ 150,000 times
 Vibration Durability no leakage after test  no leakage after test
 Permeability of HFC134a less than 5.0g/m/72h at 90° less than 1.0g/m/72h at 50°
 Heat Durability no leakage at 3.5MPA no leakage at 1.1MPA
  (140°C x 168h) (100°C x 168h)
 Cold Durability no leakage at 0.5MPA no leakage at 0.5MPA
  (-20°C x 24h) (-20°C x 24h)
 Ozone Durability no damage after test  no damage after test
  (50pphm, 40°C x 200h)  (50pphm, 40°C x 200 h)
 Oil Durability volumetric change rate -3~+5% volumetric change rate -3~+5%
  (internal resin)  (internal resin)


 Pipes Specifications: 
 Air Tightness Test Pressure

Ø8pipe: 3.5MPa (gage) (36kg/cm2G)


Ø15.8pipe: 1.5MPa (gage) (15kg/cm2G)

 Pressure Resistance Test Pressure 

Ø8pipe: 5.3MPa (gage) (54kg/cm2G)


Ø15.8pipe: 2.2MPa (gage) (22.2kg/cm2G)

 Vibration Durability conform with JIS D 1601 3-A(4.4G)






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